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Mute Clicker Wired Keyboard

Mute Clicker Wired Keyboard

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Wired For Success


Elevate Your Typing Experience

Step into a world of seamless efficiency with our Wired Keyboard, designed to revolutionise your typing experience. Engineered for reliability and performance, this keyboard is a testament to precision and comfort. The wired connectivity ensures instant responsiveness, eliminating lags for a smooth and uninterrupted typing journey. With a full-sized layout, comfortable keys, and a sleek design, this keyboard offers both style and functionality.



Keys To Comfort

With the innovative feature of mute clickers, enjoy a quiet environment while you type, ensuring productivity without unnecessary noise disturbance. Experience the serenity of silent typing with our Wired Keyboard's mute clickers and indulge in the visual delight of four bright and beautiful colours, making it the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for your computing needs.




  • Layout: 104 Keys
  • Connection: USB Wired
  • BackLit: No 
  • Size 440 x 130 x 17mm
  • Weight: 440g
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