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MathPad Pro

MathPad Pro

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 Maths Made Easy


Boost Productivity 

The integrated LCD notepad feature allows for convenient note-taking alongside calculations, streamlining, workflow, and eliminating the need for additional tools or devices.

Solar Power Efficiency

Enjoy sustainable and interrupted usage thanks to solar power, reducing the need for battery replacements and saving energy costs.

Portability and Convenience

Its portable unfordable design ensures easy transport fitting second Leslie into backpacks or pockets, making a perfect for students on the go or professionals who need a reliable tool in various settings.

Built To Last

Invest in long-term performance with a calculator engineered for durability, ensuring it stands the test of time through endless calculations and note sessions. 




Product information:
Material: ABS
Specification: NY-991ES
Display digits: 12
Size: 162 * 81 * 17.5mm

Packing list:
Calculator * 1    

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