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Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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Clean in a Flash with Mini Power!


Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Upgrade your desk space with our Mini Robot Desk Vacuum Cleaner – the perfect blend of functionality and fun. It's not just a cleaning tool; it's a charming addition to your workspace that makes tidying up enjoyable. Say hello to a cleaner, more delightful desk experience!


Desk-sized Cleaning 

Our mini robot vacuum is small in stature but mighty in cleaning power. It's tailor-made to tidy up your desk, picking up crumbs, dust, and small debris with ease. It features a detachable extended suction port making it effortlessly easy to reach into small cracks and crevasses, ensuring that no speck of dirt escapes its powerful grasp. Rest assured, our mini vacuum is perfect for cleaning between couch cushions, in car seats, along baseboards, and anywhere else that accumulates hidden dust and dirt.  


Effortless Operation, Exceptional Results

This vacuum cleaner is incredibly user-friendly; its intuitive design and easy-to-use features ensure that even the most intricate cleaning tasks are a breeze, With just a push of a button, you are all set! After a 3-hour charge, our vacuum is ready to serve you with continuous cleaning for an impressive 10 to 20 days, It's perfect for children and students who want a clean learning environment.  



Sleek & Space-Saving 

Our vacuum cleaner is engineered with 360° rising suction technology, which means it doesn't just clean surfaces; it draws in dirt and debris from all directions, leaving your spaces impeccably clean. Its sleek design and compact size make storage a breeze and it's not only incredibly easy to use but also simplifies maintenance with a straightforward left turn, allowing you to effortlessly dispose of the collected dirt after cleaning. 



  • USB Charging
  • Super capacity battery 1200 mAh
  • Charge for 3 hours
  • Regular use up to 10-20 days
  • Charging Time: 3hrs
  • Battery Capacity: 1200 mah
  • Charging Way: USB
  • Nylon Brush Design
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